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The S.A.C.
Aviators Basketball & Football

The Vandalia-Butler Student Activity Center was built in 1986, to serve as home of the Vandalia-Butler Aviators. The S.A.C. host many school events, including dances and graduation. The S.A.C. is also used by individuals both from and outside of Vandalia. The facility seats 5,000 people and has quarter mile track. Season ticket holders have theatre style seating on the west side of the court, and in both the north and south balconies. The east side of the court, and the east and west balconies are standard bleacher seating. The building also house a wrestling room, volleyball room, film room, weight room, various offices and meeting rooms.

A view of the court, from the North Balcony.

A view of one of the track sections in the S.A.C.

A view of the west wing of the S.A.C.
Notice that all courtside seats on the west are for season ticket holders only.

A view of the east side of the S.A.C.